Professional IFR route creator

I would love to see a IFR route planner taking notams and airspace restrictions.

A way to plan a route with the current restrictions etc. Like a real airline flight planner. Airlines don’t copy paste IFR routes from websites they are created by the software itself. (Jeppesen dispatch, Lido, navteq, etc )

And also being able to see live notams on the map like foreflight !

In resume

A intelligent IFR route planner and visual notams projected on the map would be a dream !

Great work by team with simbrief, I love your produc !

I had to work with an FP system at an airline that routed me directly through Area 51, in fact directly overhead the airfield the USAF says doesn’t exist, so don’t say all FP systems. I’m not the sharpest, but I learned a valuable lesson, if coming overhead the SFO/OAL area from the Pacific, the next fix I want to see is the route string is Wilson Creek (ILC), no matter where I am going.

We use FlightAware all the time…