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Hello. I don´t quite understand how weather interacts with flight dispatch system. It seems to me that gathers actual data, but if I load the flight plan in MSFS (for example, in A320 FBW), it is supposed that I should have the same wind conditions to match the flight plan loaded and obtain accurate predictions such as TOC/TOD and others. How do I achieve this?

Hi, SimBrief uses real world weather based on the departure time you set (so if you set a departure time for tomorrow, for example, it will use tomorrow’s forecast). By default the departure time is set to the current time if you create a new flight.

Since MSFS also uses real world weather, the conditions should naturally match, but I have heard from other users that MSFS weather can be incorrect sometimes. Not much we can do about that on our end unfortunately.

Note that the weather can generally be considered as “matching” if the wind direction is within 30° and wind speed within 20 kts from what your flight plan says. It’s normal for small variations to occur within this range due to different forecast models used, interpolation methods, etc, but they have a negligible effect on the time/fuel and TOC/TOD predictions. Note also that in the real world, forecast winds almost never match up with actual winds 100%, so if anything it’s more realistic for them to not match up perfectly.

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Hello. Thank you for the amount of info.

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