Problème avec Fly pad et navigrah

je me retrouve à faire ce poste car navigrah accompte me dis qu’il n’ont pas la compétence technique pour répondre a mon problème et m’envoi sur le forum, espérant que je puisse y trouver une solution.
Voila, je me suis un nouvel abonné à ultimate navigraha 9euro par mois.
Flypade et siembrief me reconnaisse mais il m’est impossible d’obtenir les cartes dans le flypad qui m’informe que mon mon abonnement n’est pas efficient.(bandeau en rouge barré)
Alors que charts fonctionne correctement.
Dépité par le manque de réponse d’acompte navigrah, je me tourne vers vous pour essayer d’obtenir une réponse a ce problème. Merci pour votre aide.
Bonne année a tous.

In english please

Thank you

I find myself doing this post because navigrah accompte tells me that he does not have the technical competence to answer my problem and sends me on the forum, hoping that I can find a solution.
Voila, I got a new subscriber to Ultimate navigraha 9euro per month.
Flypade and siembrief recognize me but it is impossible for me to obtain the cards in the flypad which informs me that my subscription is not effective. (Stripe in red crossed out)
So that charts is working fine.
Annoyed by the lack of a navigrah installment response, I am turning to you to try and get an answer to this problem. Thanks for your help.
Happy New Year everyone.

i wait your reponse .thank you



Are you referring to the FBW in MSFS?

Have you authenticated using the QR code or https:/ ?

Some screenshots would help using Guide to posting Screenshots


thank you for your attention Yann.
I authenticated with https: / Until then, there is no problem, everything works except that the cards on the flypad are blocked with the demo mode image crossed out. Strange … would have I missed a step?

Please post a screenshot of the demo mode image crossed out using Guide to posting Screenshots

Separately, are you able to login and display charts using a browser on your computer to ?


here is a screenshot with my nickname

I add other screenshots to better inform you.

You seem to be able to correctly sign in to so account looks fine.

When you sign in to Charts on FlyPad check you are using the same sign in details and not another account or password?


I found the problem .Navigrah has tangled the brushes with an old existing account, so I deleted it and it works again.
thanks for the general idea.
Merci en francais

You are welcome. Glad it is resolved.

Happy flying.


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