Problem with LFRS transition


I noticed that when you select the Valax 1C star with the Nedan transition, only conventional is offered in the fms (regardless of aircraft)

Thanks in advance

sorry, but I can´t reproduce your report:

Here the RNAV03 approach with the VALA1C via the NEDAN transition:

comparing with the charts

… and here the ILS03-Y approach with the VALA1C via the NEDAN transition:

again, here comparing with the charts:

Screenshots made with the FBW A320, AIRAC 2301 installed, stock scenery for LFRS

Sorry, I don´t see any issue in the navdata. Both procedures (ILS and RNAV) are correct so far.


Thank you for your quick reply. this is what i get with the CRJ and the pmdg (up to date)

737 1
737 2

… and what is wrong here? You have select an ILS approach, so why should you expect an RNAV transition?


I am not a pilot but when I am on ivao, the atc asks me to make the rnav transition. It must be something that I misunderstood.

I’m going to read the charts :wink:

Thank You

Hi again,
no problem - no need to be a pilot. I’m also not a pilot :wink:

… when you get the RNAV transition, you must select the RNAV approach too and not the conventional ILS approach.

Check my first posting again. You see, when I use the RNV03 approach, I get the RNAV transition. When I use the ILS03-Y approach, I get the conventional transitions. In other words, it depends which approach type you are using.

from the PMDG - select the red line RNV03:

VALA1C STAR with the NEDAN transition:

… and you get:

When the ATC ask you to follow the RNAV transition you must select the RNV03 approach first and than (if needed) you can switch to an conventional ILS approach. But I’m not sure if this is common - I guess more you will follow the RNV03 approach too than.

Hope it makes something clearer … :sunglasses:

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