Problem viewing Charts in Working Title CJ4

Could someone please help:

 I have a full Navigraph subscription and I have been flying the Citation Cj4 Working Title V12.14.

My Navigraph charts have been working fine when just using a browser or the NaviGraph button in MSFS but when I try viewing charts via the ‘Chart’ Button and the use the lower menu to select a chart, there is never anything loaded. Note: I have gone in and linked my Navigraph subscription to the working title. It states Linked! Yet nothing ever appears for approaches etc.

Any help would be appreciated.




Are you seeing the ”no chart available” message? If so, here is the solution (from the Working Title discord:

You have to hit CHART, which will show NO CHART AVAILABLE, because you haven’t selected a chart yet. Once you hit LWR MENU after hitting CHART, then you’ll see the chart menu where you can select a chart



Stephen, thanks for the reply. I have hit the ‘Lower Menu’ button after seeing the No chart message. But I’m not seeing any charts then to choose from. Could it be that this feature only works if you load your flight plan from SimBrief?


It should work regardless of where the flight plan is from.

I suggest you ask for help on the WT discord, your account looks fine from our end so you should be able to access charts.