Problem routing to KBOS on the ROBUC3 STAR

I am trying to plan a flight from KJFK to KBOS 22L arrival runway using the ROBUC3 STAR (joining at MERIT). However, whatever I do it always routes through NUNZO and not through the eastern route which is what should happen for a 22L arrival AFAIK.

The navigraph app routes it correctly, but in the a320 FMC it doesn’t.

See attached for the route it makes and the route it should make I think.

The simple answer is, when the same STAR has a number of variations depending on the runway in use, MSFS automatically picks the first variation on the list. Usually the first runway, in this case 4L/R.

Until MSFS change this so that the approach selected also affects the STAR, there’s nothing you can do.

Thanks for the explanation @norman99. That’s pretty unfortunate, but good to know its not a navigraph issue :slight_smile:

Hi guys,
has anyone try the current revision 2 (AIRAC 2013 revision 2), which we have released today? :slight_smile:
I have tried the KBOS ROBUC3 22L and it looks correct so far


Had the same issue today with the FBW A32NX, flying me to the west instead of east.

Looks like FBW is going to rewrite the default FPM. [META] Flight Plan Management and Guidance · Issue #4028 · flybywiresim/a32nx · GitHub

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