Problem routing to KBOS on the ROBUC3 STAR

I am trying to plan a flight from KJFK to KBOS 22L arrival runway using the ROBUC3 STAR (joining at MERIT). However, whatever I do it always routes through NUNZO and not through the eastern route which is what should happen for a 22L arrival AFAIK.

The navigraph app routes it correctly, but in the a320 FMC it doesn’t.

See attached for the route it makes and the route it should make I think.

The simple answer is, when the same STAR has a number of variations depending on the runway in use, MSFS automatically picks the first variation on the list. Usually the first runway, in this case 4L/R.

Until MSFS change this so that the approach selected also affects the STAR, there’s nothing you can do.

Thanks for the explanation @norman99. That’s pretty unfortunate, but good to know its not a navigraph issue :slight_smile:

Hi guys,
has anyone try the current revision 2 (AIRAC 2013 revision 2), which we have released today? :slight_smile:
I have tried the KBOS ROBUC3 22L and it looks correct so far