Print SimBrief OFP

Hi, can you add a print function in SimBrief OFP window?
Thanks in advance.

We shall use

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Hello! Thank you for opening this topic. Let me share some insights we’ve had about this feature!

We investigated adding this feature to Navigraph Charts, but ultimately decided against it. During testing, we found several issues - here are some of them, all on the Windows OS and not on macOS:

  • The “Print preview” was blank due to the amount of data in the average OFP
  • While using the “Print to PDF” option, the time from pressing print to the file being fully saved was over 30 seconds on average
  • Printing the average OFP caused the CPU usage to rise to 100%

Ultimately, we decided to just add the button that you currently see in the top right, which allows you to save the OFP to your computer without printing it.

That’s currently where we are at. If you still feel strongly about this and would like us to spend resources on trying to figure out the mentioned issues, then you have posted in the right category!
The Wishlist is where we gauge community interest in new suggested features based on votes.

Feel free to vote for this topic yourself :slight_smile:

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