Printable page (not using an official OFP format)

i like to print off a copy of parts of my OFP’s for each flight so i have quick reference, somewhere to physically write clearances, etc.

the problem is there are only a few official OFP formats that have mostly everything i need on one page, and none of them have everything.

then i realized the website itself generates everything already:

all i really need is all that info on one simple printable page. so instead of “custom formats” which i have suggested in the past, just all the stuff simbrief generates but as a “printable” ONE page.

(personally i would use the atc flightplan instead of “route”)

Hi, we will investigate this for a future update. Likely the dispatch UI will be made more printer friendly, so that when you Print the page from the browser, the information will be presented in a more clear and consistent manner.

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