Suggestion: Additional zoom setting

Hello together,

I really like the new design of version 8 and I’m trying to get comfortable with it.

I have one suggestion for a new zoom setting.
You currently have the ability to fit the whole route into the viewport with the following button:

Could you please add a second button (maybe as submenu like the buttons above this) where you could fit the route from your current aircraft position to the end of the route into the viewport? It should have auto zoom so it continues to hold that view. I always change the view manually to this but I really would appreciate a setting for this.

Visual representation of the preferred viewport:

Thank you for your effort and keep up the awesome work :slight_smile:

Best regards

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Is there any chance that we might get this someday? Or do you want to get suggestions somewhere else?


Sorry for not replying before. This is a good feature which we will consider!

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