Portrait to Landscape mode bug

My Setup

iPhone 8 - iOS 16.3

What I expected to happen.

Turning the phone to landscape mode seamlessly transitions the map and keeps the concurrent view and its windows as it is.

What actually happened

When going from portrait mode to Landscape mode when just viewing the map with no other window active, it will suddenly open the Airport or the Flight page and attempt to rescale the screen accordingly again when the intention was just to view the map in landscape.

It gets abit in the way especially since tapping on the map in the background does not close the newly opened window

Thank you for the feedback! I just realized that you never received an answer which is quite rude of us - sorry about that! Your insights are much appreciated.

This has been noted and is in our backlog!

Kind Regards,

No hard feelings here! I know you guys are busy working on not only the new mobile app but also the new desktop app as well so its exciting but busy days for sure! Im only but a perfectionist when it comes to fluidity of user experience and expected behaviours so noted it down for you guys!

After some further testing it seemingly happens not only on mobile phones but tablets too (using Android on my particular tablet).

Keep up the great work fellas and no need to apologise!

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