PMS50 GTN750 in MSFS 2020 (sid missing)

I am using the free version of the PMS50 ‘GTN750’ for MSFS 2020 to test it and noticed that the application does not show any SID available at KSAT; I tried to create a flight plan within the application in the aircraft (not through Simbrief) but no Departures were shown as available (?) at this airport. I thought the PMS50 required a subscription to Navigraph because it used Nagripaph data. Why am I not seeing the available SIDs at this airport?

Does that GTN750 have known limitations with specific airports, regions? Is it not fully supported with Navipraph data, or is it? I would like to have feedback before I decide to purchase the full license.

Thank you.


Installed latest free PMS50 into Caravan and get:


Hi Ian,
Thank you for testing the software. I used the Seneca V and the Black Square King Air and I can’t seem to get any SID at that airport with either model. What could I be doing wrong…?

On which Caravan model did you test the GTN750?

I use the Cessna 208 B Grand Caravan

I use this as it is the default in the PMS documentation.


Ok, I reinstalled the free version and still no SIDS. I dragged the folder downloaded from the PMS50 website straight into the folder called Community folder. Is that the correct installation? I tried selecting other departing airports and the SIDs work, but for KSAT I keep getting no departure, no runway, no transition.

And how do you get the GTN750 to show up within the Garmin’s frame of the Caravan?

Yes, you unzip and drag the pms50-instrument-gtn750 to Community folder.
From Aircraft I downloaded, unzipped and dragged pms50-gtn750-aircraft-grand-caravan to Community folder


I did exactly what you show in your last message and continue to see no SIDs, no runway and no transition for KSAT. Everything has been downloaded and transferred into the Community folder. The Seneca V (Carenado) supports the GTN750 natively, so there is not even a package to download and the same issue persists with the same airport even with the Seneca V. I have never encountered such a bizarre issue.

Could it be my settings with Navigraph? I can’t think of anything that would create this isolated issue with a single airport, unless I am doing something wrong but I really cannot think of anything… I selected KSAT as the originating airport, then selected Procedures and on the next page, by Departure, I should see a list of available SIDs, plus the runway.

How did you go installing the MSFS C208 Grand Caravan? Were you able to see the SID’s at KSAT using that. If so, I would suspect the Carenado Seneca.


one additional question to Ian’s question:
Do you use any 3rd party sceneries? Specially for KSAT? When yes, for a test:

  • Close your sim
  • Move all packages in your community folder on some other place - excluding the PMS package
  • Start the sim and try it again

When you see SIDs for KSAT:

  • Close the sim again
  • Install the AIRAC cycle via the Navigraph Hub
  • Start the sim and try it again

When you also see SIDs (what I expect or hope), you know that some package is not compatible with your sim.


I will try testing with the Seneca V and let you know what I find.

Thank you for your patience and assistance. I removed the iniBuilds airport at KSAT and I am now able to see the SIDs. The SIDs don’t show up with that scenery installed even when I try the iniBuilds’ A310-300, but without that scenery the SIDs become visible on the FMC. Other iniBuilds’ custom airports, on the other hand, do not cause this issue. There is evidently something in that customer airport that affects both the GTN750 (on all aircraft that I tested) and the FMC (at last in the A310-300). As long as I am aware of the issue, thats’s fine. You helped me in the past and always went out of your way to test and provide support and I want to thank you for your knowledge and professionalism.

Richard, thanks for jumping and helping. It appears that the iniBuilds’ custom airport at KSAT is the issue. I appreciate your help, you guys at Navigraph are always very supportive and provide the best support out of all developers’ teams.

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You are welcome. Glad it is resolved. Thank you for the kind words.

Happy flying.


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