KTYS - No Knoxville 7 SID

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Checking to see if it might be the underlying airport BGL file or some other reason that the Knoxville 7 SID is not selectable in the FMS. I tried on both legacy G3000 0.7.8 and latest version of Marketplace NXi. Neither one shows a Departure. World Planner in sim only shows Direct option.

What weird is I can sort of force a Departure by creating and loading a plan from Little Nav Map, but it creates a User Waypoint at the end of the SID instead of properly showing the waypoints per Charts 8.

I’m on latest AIRAC, latest NavData Center version. Thanks!

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I have checked the KNOX7 SID out of KTYS and this departures are only vectors but the main reason is, that the MSFS scenery is outdated. A runway is missing and the KNOX7 SID is valid for ALL runways which means 05L/R and 23L/R … now the sim can´t assign all runways and therefore the SIDs will be disabled. This “MSFS feature” is valid for SIDs and STARs but in most cases, it happens with STARs but when a SID is valid for ALL runways and a runway is missing it happens with SIDs too.

Here the real-world:

… and here, what you have in the MSFS:

As with the “missing STARs” - all SIDs are still included for both runways. So when you use a 3rd party scenery, which has the runway included you can select this SID too.

Why doesn´t this happen with the stock-data?
The answer is simple: ASOBO/WT only export terminal procedures where the runways exists in the MSFS scenery to avoid exactly this situation. That means the stock navdata are incomplete, because when you use the same 3rd party scenery (where all runways are included), you see only the SID for 23L and 05R. The SID for 05L/23R are missing even when all runways are available due the 3rd party scenery.

ASOBO/WT uses this filter to avoid the missing terminal procedures, due outdated sceneries.

The only solution is:
Check, if you find a 3rd party scenery, which has all runways included and where the runways idents are equal to the real-world and install our navdata package. Than you can be 100% sure, that you´re up2date and you will find all terminal procedures. As you see the stock navdata are incomplete (also in the US) and party not correct.

Hope that helps

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