BIAR runway 19 ils not showing on fmc

could not program runway 19 ils data although it shows on airport chart

a little bit more on information would be useful.

Which sim?
Which addon aircraft?
What cycle do you use?

Without such basic details, we can’t help you.

thanks for your response,
the sim is x plane 11
the aircraft is zibo mod latest
cycle 2109

Any news about my post?

sorry overseen to answer - it´s coded as LOC approach and the reason is, because the missed approach starts at ML19, which is defined as “published missed approach point fix”. ML19 is prior the runway threshold and therefore Jeppesen codes such procedures as LOC only procedures. You see this also in the charts, that you can code this as ILS or LOC approach.

Comparing with ILS01, the “published missed approach point fix” is the RW01 threshold and therefore coded as ILS.

Hope that helps & sorry for the delay of this answer

thanks, this may help will try

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