PMDG 777 SFX Steam Edition


I have installed the latest Nav installer and attempted to update the PMDG 777 FMS. The Installer claims it is complete but the FMS is out of date.

My FSX Steam edition sits on my G drive and I have tried manually installing but this still does not work.

Nay suggestions or specific install file paths would be appreciated.




Using latest FMS Data Manager, in Settings make sure the FSX Steam path is correctly set.

After that in Addon Mappings. select and remove PMDG entry, press Save, Scan again and PMDG should be detected. Press Save.

In Addon List, select and Update PMDG entry.


Hi Ian,

The FXS steam pathway set is G:\Steam\steamapps\common\FSX

The PMDG folder is there however is still will not detect it in the scan.

I also tried adding FSX\PMDG but it will still not sow up in the scan.


Hi Ian,

Please disregard last message, its all fixed now.


You are welcome. Glad it is resolved.

Happy flying.


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