PMDG 737 Data Issue

I tried updating the PMDG 737 Navdata with the Navdata Center app, but it broke something and the plane just kept saying “Not in Database” to every airport.

Removing the data didn’t fix it - it just removed ALL navdata. I have no idea how to fix this. Please help?



In Navigraph Navdata Center, Remove entry PMDG 737. The take steps as per this post.


Didn’t work. Here’s what I did

  1. Rebooted my computer
  2. Started Navdata Center
  3. Pressed “Remove” on the PMDG 737
  4. Left Navdata centre running
  5. Opened the location where my content.xml file sits (from the post you linked)
  6. Found the file and deleted it
  7. Started MSFS
  8. I saw the content.xml file get created (had an explorer window open to the right directory)
  9. Loaded up a flight with PMDG
  10. Now the FMC says “Nav Data Not Loaded” and it does not recognize any airport
  11. images below

On further investigation, I appear to be missing one file - cycle_info.txt

I found this by opening the layout.json file, and there I see that PMDG is looking for this file (see image), but it doesn’t exist in the directory.

host picture

I fixed it.

No, running the repair didn’t fix it.

Here’s what did fix it. I’ll leave this here in case someone else has this issue

I have the PMDG plane installed in my community directory which is inside MSFS’s custom directory (F:\MSFS). Navigraph is detecting the custom directory, and installing the navdata files into “F:\MSFS\Community\pmdg-aircraft-737\Config\NavData”

However, the plane is for whatever reason only looking for files in


So I copied all files from " F:\MSFS\Community\pmdg-aircraft-737\Config\NavData" and pasted them into “C:\Users$USER\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalState\packages\pmdg-aircraft-737\work\NavData”

and everything worked as it should. (Obviously replace the $USER bit with your own username. )

Running the repair was weird because it too recreated the navdata files within the custom community directory, but didn’t place them in the packages directory. So even the installer thinks that the community directory is the right place to go, but the plane has other thoughts on the subject.

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thanks for sharing your solution but it’s HIGHLY RECOMMENDED not todo this, when you don’t know the reason for the “wrong” location.

The recommended solution is:

  • Check your package path
  • Remove the PMDG and re-install it

It looks you have changed the package path during either some sim-update, via any 3rd party tool or manually. The package path is important and contains the path, where all addons will be installed (in your case F:\MSFS). This path is stored in the user-config file, located in your user-folder.

You will run into further issue with sim updates or 3rd party updates (also with AIRAC uodates because the NNC looks exactly in this path) because the path is wrong. So, this “fix” is ONLY for you and works but it doesn’t fix your main issue.

I only want to be sure, that we don’t recommend this solution even it’s working for you, but it will result in following issues in the future.

Anyways, thanks again for sharing your solution

No, I never changed my package path, either manually or with any third-party tool. I use a very vanilla Sim install, I don’t have tons of addons. I have checked my Useropt.cfg and it’s correctly set to F:\MSFS. I also did try reinstalling the plane but that didn’t fix the issue.

Here’s an image.

I have not had this issue with anything else. I have no idea if the problem is with MSFS, PMDG, or Navigraph - all I know is that my issue was sorted with my solution, and I posted it here in case someone else has the same issue.

Strange but in general - the sim looks first in your user-config file to get the correct PackagePath in your case F:\MSFS

All 3rd party addons (none Marketplace addons) will be installed in the community-folder UNDER the package path, therefore the Navigraph Navdata Center installs the navdata files under
<your packagepath>\Community\pmdg-aircraft-737\Config

in your case F:\MSFS\Community\pmdg-aircraft-737\Config

… and thats absolutely correct, according the technical specifications from PMDG. I have looked onto my system and I, as an example, has NO Community-folder under
C:\Users\<your username>\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalCache

My package-path from the user-config file is: D:\Simulation\Applications\MSFS

… and here you see (as in your screenshot too), I have all 3rd party none Marketplace addons … so, I have no reference somewhere else. What I want to say is, I´m not sure, if all is correct on your system because normally you shouldn´t copy any file manually into any other folder outside the community-folder under your package-path and I only want aware you, of possible other updates issues in the future (ie. with the PMDG OPs center or our updates) - it´s simple not the “normal” case.

But anyway, when this solution is ok for you and fix all your issues it´s fine for us too …

Take care and happy flying :wink:

PS: ah and according the cycle_info.txt file … it´s not important for the PMDG, it´s only a internal file for us, to find our easily which cycle-files are really installed. So, if the file is there or not, makes no difference and shouldn´t result in any issue

I have same problem lol…

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I guess (but am not sure) that this is a PMDG issue - apparently it is supposed to copy the files from the community folder to the work folder on startup, but for whatever reason it didn’t do that. Anyway, I’ll update this post if I learn more, but for now it’s all working and I’m not touching it :slight_smile:


I will need to do this procedure whenever I have to update the AIRAC PMDG, or you guys will fix this problem. I’m not a computer professional I’m just a poor pilot!

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thats nothing what we can fix - there are a standard path, which we have received from PMDG and the Navigraph Navdata Center install all the files into this standard path. That´s it … we have no clue, what and how PMDG handle the file-structure internally. We have only implemented the path according their specifications. Sorry.


Okay, simple as that! And we as consumers of Navgraph products have to correct what is not our obligation to do. Get in touch with PMDG inform them of the problem and correct what corresponds to Navgraph. Thank You

You´re welcome … PMDG knows what they must do, they have excellent developer.

Have a nice evening,

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