MSFS cant find Simbrief .pln

Hi Ian. I’m new to simbrief and the flybywire a320, and the main problem I’m having is that after i download the flight plan file to the desktop, and then I try to load it into fs2020, it can’t find the file. The file I downloaded was in the format *.pln but it can’t find it in the folder.



In Simbrief Dispatch you create a flight plan, then generate flight . This creates an Operational Flight Plan (OFP). Further down that page you Download in FS2020 format. I suggest you download to your MSFS flight plan directory likely :
You then Load that plan into MSFS World Map using spacebar/Load/Save.

In the FBW A320, you can also enter the Simbrief plan directly into the MCDU as per How to import a Navigraph flight plan into the MCDU of a A32NX FBW?


Hello Ian and thanks for responding. I did not have a problem downloading the flight plan, but when I try to send the plan to the sim, either using the app or directly, it only looks for files with the format *.flt but the file I download, the one that is *.pln cannot be found because it only looks for the other one. I of course downloaded the one for FS2020 so I don’t know what else to do.



Hi David,

In Simbrief are you sure you are downloading in FS2020 .pln format to where your other .pln files are as I suggested above?

MSFS looks for both .pln (and .flt) format plans:

Maybe create a plan in MSFS World Map, Save it and check MSFS is able to see the just saved .pln file.


Here is the thing. I can create and download the flight plan no problem, but when I try to load the plan on the sim, it doesn’t find it. It only finds the other format as I mentioned before. The weird thing is that when I went to the aircraft and tried to load the flight plan on the FMS, it showed after a few seconds. I can’t understand it because It didn’t show o the folder when I tried to load it. I don’t have any problem creating and saving a flight plan within the sim to answer your question.

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Please include flight plan created and saved in MSFS showing .pln and .flt versions.

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