Please let us change currency for payment

Please let us change the currency for payment! I don’t know why but previously I was able to make purchases paying in EURO, but now my international card only accepts purchases in USD Dollars, one suggestion would be for the site to offer the currency options to make the payment , since I couldn’t find how to make this change. I’m from Brazil and for me only the option of payment in EURO appears.



Transactions are made in Euro’s and your Credit Card company converts these to USD at their rate. This hasn’t changed.


OK! this was what I had been doing since 2019, buying normally with my card in EURO and being converted to USD, but from May until now I am no longer able to pay the following message appears on the website “Refused by acquirer.
Payment declined! Try again or choose another payment type.”
Same card same operator, I contacted the card operator and they informed that this is a problem with the language of the site because the card only converts from USD to BRL or vice versa. how can i get help with this?
Via paypal the table thing happens.

Nothing has changed at our end that I am aware of. I suspect something has changed with your card operator. Please advise them that Navigraph is a an acceptable company and whatever they have done in the past to pay this should still apply.


OK I finally found a solution!!! I had to install a VPN and ask for a prepaid card by paypal and load it with values in Dollars, I managed to make the purchase at Navegraph this way. is the tip for anyone who is having problems similar to what I had.

Thanks to the Moderator and you can close this topic if you feel it is necessary.

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Thank you for the advice. Glad is resolved.

Happy flying.


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