Please add support for taking notes using pen tablet

I only fly in VR and your virtual charts is amazing. It is, however, lacking one thing: The ability to quickly take notes. Most of the free kneeboards for MFS seems to have this ability but they all rely on the mouse for writing notes which simply doesn’t work. It’s way too clunky and slow for the fine movements needed for quickly writing letters and numbers. Instead, you should support the use of a pen tablet (eg. Wacom Intuos or similar) as that is much more convenient.

In DCS I rely on “VRK” which does have this ability. VRK is free but it’s built for SteamVR so it doesn’t work for MFS (unless you also make SteamVR the backend for OpenXR, which I’d say most are reluctant to do).

So, please add pen tablet support and the ability to jot down clearances, ATIS data etc. This feature is sorely missed by the MFS VR crowd, especially for anyone also flying VATSIM/IVAO. I think you’d gain quite a few more users if you added this to your virtual charts.



I’ll second this old request. Using like a Wacom tablet/pen to add notes to charts on the MSFS ingame panel would be fantastic for VR in particular.