Plans via Richmond RIC,coming out of Sydney

There are, or were, 2 navaids at Richmond, which is an Air Force base north west of Sydney. One is o TACAN 110.70, and the other an NDB on 347 mg. The NDB should be RICNB through which the airways run. It is marked RIC and fails flight plans through here.

Can someome change this and correct it.

I’m not sure, if I understood you right, but the NDB ident of the Richmond NDB is RIC and not RICNB and it look correct in the chart so far. Also, when I create a flightplan with this enroute NDB.

Can you upload the flightplan which you have generated with our chart app, that we can check this? I can’t really reproduce it.

Thank you

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There are two navaids at Richmond . One is a TACAN RIC on 110.70 and the other is an NDB, also designated RIC, on 347. Simbrief selects routes that go through RIC, the TACAN.

These routes should go through the NDB, as do the airways, and which should be designated RICNB.

Can someone correct this as it stuffs up a lot of flight plans out of Sydney.

Thanks, again please can you upload a sample flightplan. Also can you confirm, that you are using the current cycle in Simbrief?

And last, what I don’t understand is:
Why should we change the real world ident of this NDB RIC to RICNB? As you wrote and as I have show you on the screenshot, the NDB ident is RIC. We can’t change an ident, especially when it’s an enroute waypoint. Thats not possible


Yup, I checked now and they are both RIC.

The problem is. As far as I can see, that Simbrief picks the RIC TACAN, instead of the RIC NDB so the flightplan does not work because the airway H330, I think it is, goes through the RIC NDB.

By the pic, the PMDG 737 gota bit confused with them. I have most trouble with the TFD 717 which did not acknowlesge it at all.

There is still that strange route through RIC and up along H76 to NBR. That was the route used a while ago.

Anyway, I am trying another flight with the 717 and it is going OK. I checked Active sky, something I forgot before, and it shows the TIC NDB 347Mh. So this is good.

I also just had another quick Simbrief update. So close this as it seems to be going well now.

the PMDG can´t handle VORs and NDBs with the equal ident, therefore we (as Navigraph) add the NB for NDB navaids, when they are using in terminal procedures to identify the correct navaid. This case is special, because the RIC NDB is the last waypoint of the selected SID and the first leg of the route.

So the easiest way to “use” such configurations is:
SELECT the RIC entry (LSK4) and place it in the “THEN” line (LSK3) - that´s it and you have no dis-continue any more. Again, we only add this NB to the NDB idents in the terminal procedures of the PMDG and this is only a PMDG limitation and the only workaround to select the correct navaid for the procedure.

Hope that helps,

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