Pinned charts do not remain pinned with same city pairs

Hi, when I create a flight plan using the same city pairs for aircraft famil. training, the charts do not remain pinned on restart. I am aware you cannot pin without a current flight plan, however I create a flight plan with the same city pairs with a distant waypoint, this allows charts to be pinned, however the charts disappear on restart. All other flight plans created with differing city pairs appear to have no issues retrieving pinned charts. Is this an anomaly with Navigraph or my configuration.



I just tried this and wasn’t able to produce the behaviour. However there may be anomalies at particular city pairs.

We are about to enter beta testing for a totally new Charts version, with a new user interface including pinning.

I suggest we hold this query over till this new functionality is released.


Hi Ian,
Thank you for your prompt reply, I will await the new chart version and recheck.
I did however do a quick check of a few random same pairs ie KHEQ/KHEQ, YPAD/YPAD, CYYC/CYYC and the anomaly exists there as well.