PHNL Honolulu no STARs

No addon scenery installed, made sure priorities are correct in the content.xml file. The airport has SIDs just no STARs. Running 2014 rev.3

The Navigraph data contains runway transitions for runways 4/22 and 8/26 without designators (L/R), those runways are not in the simulation, I assume that’s why the STARs fail to load.

My guess is that those are for the Water-Runways (4W/22W, 8W/26W), so in this case Asobo would need to add those runways or you have to use an add-on airport where those are added (shouldn’t be that hard as it’s just a definition of the runway on the water to add to the stock).

Maybe @NAVData can confirm that my guess is correct. In that case I’m not sure if you are handling Water-Runways differently at the moment, as the BGL/XML-structure has a dedicated designator for water runways but the current data seems to use the NONE-designator.

Hi Brandon,
@JKTech is absolutely right, the issue why the STARs are disabled is the logic behind. As Jan wrote - the water runways 04W/22W and 08W/26W are missing in the default scenery. The logic in the sim is now, when there are terminal procedures existing, which can´t be assigned to an existing runway, then suppress all terminal procedures - more exact, all STARs only because you can select the SIDs and the approaches but the STARs will be suppressed by the sim.

The STARs are included in the data but can´t be selected due this missing runways.
Thanks Jan - by the way the designator can be WATER also but that makes no difference in this case. But anyway, thanks for the hint about the wrong designatior for water-runways.


PS: as a workaround, I will “remove” the water-runways for the next cycle because they are useless at the moment for the sim

Okay excellent, I am going to try to build a fix that adds the water runways to the default scenery and see if I can get the STARs working again.

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Great Brandon,
if you need it, attached the runways for PHNL (incl. all water-runways - all without a designator). Hope that helps a little …

PHNL_RunwayList.csv (833 Bytes)


@bdepalo I also did a quick addon from the stock airport adding the water runways, STARs seem to work properly: (222.2 KB)
Needs to go into the Community folder and in the Content.xml between fs-base and fs-base-nav, like described with the similar issue at KHIO: SIDs are missing - #8 by JKTech

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I see you beat me to the punch. This works for me as well. Thanks for the work!

Hi again Brandon,
I have now “removed” the water runways and therefore you can expect all STARs into PHNL (without any additional-scenery) with the next AIRAC release 2101 - coming next week.

Here a first preview:


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