Performance degradation when the "sidepanel" is visible + other little bugs

using NaviGraph Charts (7.0.3) Android version on a Fire HD 10 (FireOS 5.6.9) in landscape-mode

I see a severe degradation in performance when “the left sidebar/search/chartlist” is visible on the map.

  • it does not depend on the number of results/plates, even a freshly reinstalled app with just unfolding the sidepanel drops the framerate to ~2 FPS with the map becoming almost unscrollable
  • viewing a single plate in full, what still keeps the sidebar visible, but diables the map-render has NO performance-issue.

To note, I can select complex routes and “layer a plate” with transparency and performance is wonderful, as long as the sidepanel gets folded in (so its not a general tablet-performance issue), just “map and sidebar” makes things blow up…

The “view-selector” (top right) is blocked by a miss-sized gray-item on position 1, “high enroute” and “low enroute” can be clicked, but “world map” is unreachable (no scrolling possible)

And a few minors i noticed that are broken in “demo mode” / after upgrading:

  • the map constantly resets to the middle of the ocean near Australia → disallowing to check coverage
    → this prevailed even after subscribing, but a app-hard-restart fixed this.
  • plates&charts that were accessed while in demo, remain broken even after subscribing (still showing the “needs upgrade” image)
    → I was able to fix this be reinstalling the app & clearing its data (via android settings)

And while has none of these issues - the missing “bookmark to fullscreen app”-function on FireOS (a modified android by Amazon) does NOT make this a fully-useable alternative :frowning:

Would be awesome to see some fixing there given the app was last updated in 2019…


We don’t have this specific device to test, but it of course shouldn’t be this way. However, did you actually get this app from Google Play? It is available on FireOS?

We are currently building on a major update to all our Charts apps including Android (via Google Play), which is a complete re-build. We are also working on a new type of demo mode. We are not issuing updates to the existing apps unless absolutely critical.

You might want to try the Charts Cloud web app, as it is functionally equal to the native Android app. Any difference?



Hey stephen,

did you actually get this app from Google Play? It is available on FireOS?

yes & no :wink:

  • with some extended mucking around there is a way to install google-play on those devices
  • or one can fish the .apk file out of another play-enabled android device´s download-cache :smiley:

You might want to try the Charts Cloud web app

as mentioned in the OP, silk browser, what is used on fire-devices, has no “real” fullscreen-mode.
(it only has some want-to-be fake fullscreen by “scrolling the url- & tab-bar out”, but this does not work very well and steals almost 1/4th of the screen…)

→ sideloading firefox makes it a bit better, (it only has a url bar, no tabs, so a lot slimmer) but it isnt perfect either…

We are currently building on a major update to all our Charts apps

looking at the forums search…
I guess I can speak for many others to please consider releasing this not only on google-play, but also

  • KindleOS Store
  • F-Droid Store
  • potentially even a direct apk-download from your website

many low-cost android´s ship without google-play these days, while otherwise being perfectly capable to be used in SimRigs :wink:

is there any expected timeframe on this major update? - and I dont want a date :smiley:
just an idea if were talking weeks / months or next year :stuck_out_tongue: