Charts V8 Performance

Hi Guys,

I’ve just updated my Charts App to V8, and I noticed a considerable performace drop from V7, to the point that I really want to roll back to V7 ASAP.

I am using V8 on the very same Android tablet I’ve always used V7 on, but the performance hit makes V8 marginally usable for me:

  • Pin/unpin a chart takes 2 to 3 seconds to register.

  • Swaping between pinned charts takes 2 seconds from when you click it to having it displayed.

  • hiding menus takes seconds as well before the clicked button highlights confirming the desired operation.

  • Panning around in map view is also considerably slower thant v7.

Overall, the app is not fluid as V7 was. Panning, Zooming charts, selecting, closing, all seems clunky and slooow.

I can’t use the App like this, V8 ruined Navigraph charts for me.

Is this performance hit expected/normal when switchinflg from V7 to V8? Any ideas to solve?

Is it possible to roll back to V7?

I could live with the layout changes from v7 to v8, one gets used to it, but the performance is killing it for me.

Any thoughts?

Bruno Silva

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Hi Bruno,


Can you run a browser on your android and access Navigraph Charts ?


I also want to roll back to V7, currently V8 is the same for me in my device, i tried downloading a APK i found here but it just updated to V8.

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Hi Ian,

Thanks for returning on this.

I opened Navigraph Charts via Chrome on my Android Tablet, without any noticeable performance improvement.

For comparison sake, I also opened Navigraph Charts from Chrome on my simulator PC. This time performance was normal, just like the older version running on tablet.


Obter o Outlook para Android

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Any news on this front?

I also find the app as well as the browser version unusable due to very long response times. I run it on a tablet btw, on my desktop computer it’s normal.


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Any news on performance on Android?

It is awful on my new! Lenovo tablet!

It takes 3 / 4 seconds before a button is pushed in the app!


Could you provide details about your new tablet? Which model is it?

Same experience running the web app in Chrome on the tablet?



Thanks for the fast reply,

My tablet is a Lenovo M10 Plus

On the web app everything seems a little faster.
Also after updating to the latest version the app runs now faster.

So I am more happy now!



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Hi Robert,
not very helpful for you I know, but I use the Lenovo M10 (no plus) and the performance is absolutely normal - the latency, the reaction is normally. Again, I can´t really help but I´m not sure, if this is a app issue - possible something is running in the background or similar else.

I don´t have any performance issues on my Lenovo M10 … sorry …


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I also have a similar problem, also with a Lenovo M10. The performance on Chrome is a lot better than the app. Is the answer just that I need a better tablet? Running the app on my iPhone 11 is very smooth by comparison.

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Same here, especially with the Lenovo M8