Navigraph Charts on the Surface Duo (foldable)

Made a quick video about some surprising behavior I noticed when using the Navigraph Charts app on the Surface Duo.

The app seems to be optimized for dual-screen devices even though it was last updated before the Surface Duo came out. I don’t really know whether it is a result of code in the app or Android knowing what to do. I doubt its the latter because Android doesnt do the same for other apps.

There are some bugs though which I hope will get fixed, but there seems to be a lot of potential. I hope the devs continue to improve the app.

Video demo:



Thank you for the informative video. The app was developed before folding screen devices were released. The functionality you see is a result of using the proper native ui-elements so that the newer os’s can figure out how to position everything.
The loading of Simbrief FP should work. Did you have an OFP at Simbrief? Maybe there is a network issue.
We are developing a new Charts version, and will look into such issues.