PCN/Strength Figures For Runways & Aprons


When choosing what airport to go into, a key factor for GA aviation is runway strength…to prevent these types of incidents:

It doesn’t matter much for a C172 flying into and out of paved runways or even unpaved surfaces, and it doesn’t matter much for an A320 flying scheduled commuter routes. However, it does matter for heavier jets (like the Longitude or CJ4).

The FAA publishes runway strength figures (and pavement for aprons if applicable), and that’s available as part of the airport charts. However, I notice the Jeppesen charts don’t have an equivalent…

My question: Using Charts, how does one determine the runway bearing strength prior to arriving at an airport where they’re likely the biggest arrival in years? (e.g., a CRJ700 into Westhampton Beach)

Hello, Jepps do have the equivalent found in the airport directory in the front of the airway manual. However, that’s not reflected on our charts as of now. I will make an inquiry if that is something we would add in the future. For now, please consult this link: [https://www.faa.gov/air_traffic/flight_info/aeronav/digital_products/dafd/search/results/?cycle=2110&ident=KFOK&volume=&state=&chart=&advanced=1]


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Love it; looking forward to this data. It would make heavy GA ops way easier to simulate.

KFOK was just an example; I typically get those numbers from airnav.com anyways, but it would be nice to see it all in Charts.

Thanks again!