Simbrief runway indication corrections

I love the work on Simbrief by the previous owner of simbrief, and of course by you guys. It is an amazing system. But this morning, and quite often by the way, some planes departed on IVAO from 18R at EHAM. 18R is NEVER used as departure runway at EHAM. So I will give you some guidance for EHAM.
Medium/Heavy landing runways: 06, 18R, 18C, 27, 36R, 36C
Medium/Heavy departure runways: 09, 18C, 18R, 24, 36C, 36L
General aviation runway: 04/22(very /rarely used for mediums and never for heavy aircraft.
Also, the main alternate for medium aircraft for EHAM is EHRD, heavy aircraft usually divert to EBBR.
Could this please be amended?

Hi, thanks for the info. I will update the runway selection accordingly.

Just note that you included 18R in your list of “Medium/Heavy departure runways”. I will go ahead and assume that you meant 18L for departures. :wink:

Best regards,

Ah, yes… Thanks for understanding what I actually meant!

Remark on 22, heavy aircraft sometimes land there as well, something learned today…

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