Payment problems with PayPal and no creditcard

First of all, a good morning to you. So my problem is this. I live in Germany and here there are credit cards and girocards I only have a checking account so I can not use the payment option. A credit card is not worthwhile for me financially because this brings me more loss than profit. Well, I have PayPal, however, only here is now the problem. I can not pay here with it, because always comes I should deposit a bank account with a credit card. I have PayPal but deposited my checking account. With Steam and various other stores there were never problems only here apparently nix goes without Visa or MasterCard. I find really too bad because I would really like navdata for a year. The support said it is a problem with PayPal but they think the problem is here. Can not you just give me bank details with a purpose I should enter and I transfer the money and get it unlocked for a year? You want but customers and also money, as well as I the current data for MsFS. Hope there are ideas or suggestions for a solution, maybe one or the other also has a problem with the payment method.

Have translated this with because my English is not so 100%. But hope that my problem, understandable comes across.
Have a nice day and I hope someone can help.



We dont have the facility to deposit into our bank account.

As I understand you can pay with sufficient funds in your Paypal account. I suggest you check with Paypal.


Something I have also considered possibly 50 € to pay on paypal, so that it then possibly works otherwise it is just so, even if it is a pity. Map material and newer datasets I imagine really nice.
A nice evening yet and if yet another possibility arises or someone has a tip, please write to me. Thanks