P3D 5.2 King Air B200 from Flight1 not recognized by the FMS Data Manager

David, no reason to be disappointed. We and our customer see this forum as a kind of “sharing platform of knowledge”. We try to help customer and also sometimes customer helps customers due their additional knowledge in some special areas/on some special topics (because also we are not perfect and we don´t know all).
Calls, remote sessions or similar else are only a 1:1 knowledge transfer and nobody outside this call, can participate and only the session members knows the result and the way to this result (positive or negative).

It´s simple impossible to do this and again, it´s not the philosophy of this medium and also not the philosophy of Navigraph (and we do this job over 20 years now). We help where we can, when we can and when the customer let us.

Sorry, but when you´re not willing to give us these simple information, it is impossible for us and also for other power-user here in the forum (and we have a lot) to help you.