Navigraph does not detect flight plan

Having issues with charts saying need an active internet connection

can anyone help
Hi navigraph will not detect new flight plan created in MSFS2020, just updated Sim-link three times now.
can anyone help

Hi Neil! Welcome to the forum.

Please stick to one issue per topic! I will try to help you with the question in the title.

Please provide more details. How are you expecting Navigraph Charts to detect the flightplan in MSFS? Have you exported the flightplan from MSFS to a .pln file and are now trying to import it into charts?

Kind Regards,

Hi Malte,
Thank you for your reply, It was me whom wasn’t reading the blurb correctly, and I hadn’t connected via msfs2020 to navigraph.
So it works now when i create a flight plan in msfs it detects the plan and loads

Thank you for your response.