Option for IFPS route format in ATC flightplan

I simply prefer the IFPS format, where coordinates are generally formatted as 7 or 11 character waypoints (for example 53N020W or 5630N04030W), and where DCT is shown between any waypoint not connected with an airway.

This is already being correctly formatted for the IFPS checking tool, could this possibly be made a user option to automatically make this the format elsewhere too? Particularly for VATSIM plans.

It’s not a massive workaround to open the IFPS pop-up and copy it from there, but it’d be a nice touch if it could do it on its own.

Hi, where are you copying the flight plan from when you’re experiencing this?

The route strings on the Flight Briefing page, in the OFP, and in the VATSIM prefile link should all include the DCTs. They also normally use ICAO formatted coordinates, unless you specifically enter ARINC shorthand coordinates in your route when setting the flight options.

Let me know where you’re copying from and I can take a look, perhaps provide a screenshot as well if it helps.

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Hi, sorry it took so long getting back to you.

Thanks, I see now that the places you mention actually do format the way I requested, excellent.

I only see the issue now when downloading .vfp files for vPilot through the Simbrief Downloader. Just threw together some random points now and downloaded the file, and while the Simbrief ATC plan and prefile route both show as I would like it, this is how the downloaded .vfp formats the route:
Though, the coordinate stayed in the wanted format, so that’s nice!


Hi, I have updated the VFP files.


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