Why is my dispatch system adding a bunch of dct's to my flight plan?

It only happens after I generate flight. VATSIM controllers ask me to go in and remove them and I haven’t had this problem before.



Is this in SimBrief or Navigraph Charts?

Please upload a flight plan with the issue using the upload icon.


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Hi, DCT simply means direct. As per ICAO, when you have 2 waypoints in your route that are not connected by an airway, you should put “DCT” between them.

VATSIM is moving towards using this convention, ever since the release of their updated Prefile tool.

Unfortunately not all ATC client software handles this correctly at the moment, and for that reason, in the USA they still prefer that the DCTs not be included. When Prefiling between 2 airports in the USA, SimBrief will automatically omit the DCTs for this reason. But for any route that is either partly of fully outside of the USA, SimBrief will include the DCTs as per VATSIM policy.

As your last flight departed from outside the USA (TJSJ), the DCTs were not omitted. I think it’s a bit unfair for the VATSIM controller to ask you to go in and remove the DCTs yourself. I mean, they can ask you to do this to help them out if they’re busy of course, but to imply it’s your responsibility and that it’s somehow incorrect to include them is simply not true.

In time, as the VATUSA ATC software is updated to handle DCTs, this won’t be an issue. For now, when flying to/from the USA (and if you happen to think of it), there’s nothing wrong with removing the DCTs yourself from the route to help them out (again, SimBrief does this automatically for you if your flight is fully within the USA). And just know that even if you don’t remove the DCTs, the controller is perfectly capable of amending your route for you. In fact, most controllers will simply do this on their own without even mentioning it to you.

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Thank you both for the replies. I appreciate all the info! I just filed a flight from DCA to LAX and had dct’s when I went to file. Now I know why I had that issue yesterday. Thanks!!

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