Operational Impacts in EZY OFP layout

Easyjet have since added a section to their OFPs for operational impacts much like SimBrief already does for the LIDO layout:

Hence my request to add that section to the EZY OFP layout on SimBrief as well.


Is this a screenshot from the actual EZY impacts section? Airlines can customize which impacts they include on their OFPs, so ideally I would like to see a sample of the EZY one to reproduce it accurately.

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I’m sorry I haven’t been too clear on that. The included screenshot is an example for operational impacts taken from the LIDO OFP generated by SimBrief.

Unfortunately, I cannot provide an example. I posted this entry just bring this to the attention of the devs and in the hopes that other sources may be able to produce an example.

I understand that this may make the implementation of said feature more difficult or even impossible at this time, but that is all I can provide unfortunately.

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