Opening Map and Tilt - IOS

Hello. New to Navigraph as of today. I searched for answers to my questions, I really did, but didn’t find the answers.

First, when I open the app on my iPad it opens the map over Africa. I’m in the United States. Is there a way it can default open to the USA?

Next, when I pull up the list of airports I’ve looked at is there a way to pull that airport up on the map without having to go back through the search function?

Lastly, is the tilt function no longer enabled in iOS? I read a post that said swiping up and down with two fingers tilts but I can’t seem to make it work.

Thank you.



Charts opens centered on 0 degrees Latitude and 0 degrees longitude. Once you have loaded a map it will load with that. If you also have Simlink/Moving Map operating it will open where you are located in the flight sim.

The airport list shows airports from recent flights created and loaded.

Yes two finger swiping does tilt the chart.


how can you make it go to your home airport as
default location. I understand what you mean

We don’t have such a feature right now. However, if you had a flight loaded when you closed the app it will load that flight (and center the map on the route) on the next startup.