OFP too small after last update - option to stretch window width or revert to previous font size?


Is there any way to make the OFP stretch the width of the window in the screenshot below? The font is way too small now after the update.

This is on a 1080x1920px screen with the map scale set to 150% and interface scale set to default.

Either please revert to the previous font size, where the OFP would fill my window, or add an option to fill window horizontally.


Hello! Thanks for posting this here.

We will look into this! I understand that it can be hard to read in its current state!

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Also experiencing this issue. It’s unreadable in VR.

Since last update : OFP not readable fonts to small

Hi @alenav ! I moved your post here as it was a duplicate.

We are aware of this issue. It is highly prioritized on our side, but keep in mind that we are a small team and have several other projects that are also highly prioritized.

We’ll try to fix this as soon as possible!

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Hey guys is there any update if this will be rectified as it’s really hard to read at the minute especially when you are trying to input the legs of a route

Thank you for the hard work and commitment

Unfortunately no status update. It still has high priority but there are too many other things going on at the moment for us to start working on it directly. We are sorry about this inconvenience, and we’ll get to it as soon as we can!

Hello everyone! I have a small update (or potentially larger if you fly in VR) - a hotfix is available for testing in the in-game panel! If you use the panel and have issues with the OFP size, please try the new version and let us know if it improves your situation!

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Amazing team and support

I will try and report back thanks

where can i download this hotfix version?

It should be immediately available when you open the panel! You should see this version and build in your settings menu:


just tried it , all good in VR
many thanks

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Thanks for the confirmation!

Hello again! This fix is now officially part of the recently released 8.32.0!

Nothing should change really. Please do let us know if you see something unexpected!

Kind Regards,

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