OFP not uploading to FS9

I am recently having issues from the OFP uploading to FS9. I had never had this issue before but as of last week whenever I upload the OFP from simbrief to my FS9 and open the flight plan from FS9 it only shows me the direct routing from departure to destination. I have also noticed it is occuring on flights with the destination being the US ie. (K***). Other routes to different countries are being uploaded from SimBrief to FS9. Please help.



I just added FS2004 export from SimBrief Downloader, created flight KLAXKBOS.pln (approx 3.5 KB) in C:\Users\username\Documents\Flight Simulator Files.

I loaded this into FS2004 and had approximately 25 Intersections, 15 VORs and the two airports.

Check what changes you have made to your system since it was working. Try uninstall/install of SimBrief Downloader .Check your
FS2004 path in SimBrief Downloader.


Hi Ian,

Thanks for testing it out, I will have a look into my system to see if I can spot any changes. In addition, I will go ahead to Uninstaller and install the Downloader again.

Ali Bhutto