OFP for FSLabs A320SL

Hello, Bonjour,
I am flying with FSLabs A320 SL and with format lido for my OFP.
When I generate the OFP, the file.txt is placed in Documents Publics/fslabs data/Routes.
This OFP has only Two pages. However the flight plan generated by “printview.pdf” is full (64 pages).
I don’t find the good settings. Thank you for your help


The .txt file that is placed in Documents\FSLabs Data\Routes is only a small portion of the OFP. This is done on purpose since the FSLabs does not need the rest of the OFP to uplink the route.

This file isn’t meant to be read or viewed by you, it’s only used internally by FSLabs. You should continue to download the .PDF version if you want to view the whole OFP.

As an aside, current versions of the FSLabs no longer use this uplink method. Instead, simply enter your Navigraph/SimBrief username when prompted by the FSLabs installer, and then you can uplink your route by going into the MCDU → ATSU → INIT → Req. There is no need to download or place the .txt file anymore.

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Thank you for this quickly response.
It’s OK. I have tried your reply and it’s good. I got a full OFP with EFB (65 pages). Thank you.
Best regards.