I wanted to fly to EIDW (Dublin) but there does not appear to be any SIDs or STARs for that airport in my FMC. I am on the latest AIRAC Cycle. I can see that there have been a few issues within MSFS, but I am on P3D v5 using MK Studios Dublin.

Am I correct in understanding that I must forget about Dublin for a while because its broken?

Any support is greatly appreciated.

which addon do you use in P3Dv5, where the terminal procedures for EIDW are missing?


Hi Richard - this issue is with PMDG NGXu - so far the only add-on aircraft I’ve installed in the sim…

I hace run MFS data updater but with no luck…

the MSFS updater doesn´t help and does nothing in P3D or other sim´s - this app is really ONLY for the new MSFS.

But, have you tried this - I guess, it´s worth to try:


Hi Richard,

Thanks for your help. I had Navigraph FMS Data Manager in mind when I mentioned the updater, that’s been around since P3D days etc for updating FMC data right?

I’ve said as you’ve suggested, removing the ARPT_RWY.dat file appears to have fixed the issue.

Fingers crossed I get to complete a flight soon - been a few days of troubleshooting of various issues.

Thanks Again,

you´re welcome - fine that this is fixed now and you have a wonderful weekend ahead :slight_smile:

Thank you very much and don´t hesitate to contact us again, if you have any problem, question and/or any idea for improvements of our products!

Happy Easter,

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