With lastest Airac and with lastest LVFR LEBL scenery, on A20NX , I don’t have any SID for RWY06L, Simbrief gives SENI1T for my flight.

Hi Jean-Luc,
can you check, if you can select SIDs for 06L on the WorldMap? Because I see all SIDs also for 06L with the LVFR LEBL scenery installed.

Sim version - AIRAC 2203 installed:

FBW A320X (latest dev version):


Hi Richard,
thank you for testing.

after retry this morning, it’s works, I don’t know why Airac don’t appear randomly.

Do you still have the Navigraph Navdata Center running in the background?


When not, it´s highly recommended - the reason is because the NNC try to keep your scenery-file up2date and in the correct order when you install a new scenery. Second, when you install a scenery from the Marketplace, you should re-start your sim, that the scenery-file will be ordered back correctly.

The NNC (Navigraph Navdata Center) is only a few kB large so, no impact on memory, clock-speed, disc performance or similar else - nor any issue with stuttering in the sim. So, again it´s highly recommended to let the NNC running in the background to avoid exactly such issue in the future.

Cheers & thanks for the feedback,

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