How can I install the Chart's into PMDG 777 FSX?

Need some help to install, can’t find any instructions for that—:slight_smile:

Are you sure, that this is implemented in the FSX version? I think, this is only possible with the P3D versions …

FSX & P3D for PMDG, that’s the reason to buy it…

No ideas for that topic ?

best regards


Sorry, no … but possible you can ask in the PMDG forum.


Hello Richard,
it’s a choke what yo written to me ?
The product was sell for use in FSX & P3D, why should I ask PMDG.
It works fine in FSX for PMDG 747-8, but Triple seven and the Bobby in FSX doesn’t work.
PMDG confirmed that. Just the P3D Version works.
Why does Navigraph sell it that way ?


Hi Stephan,
to clarify, we offer “only” the possibility for 3rd party developer to use APIs for their addons.

Our function here is, to offer these possibility and to support their devs to implement it. But we have nothing todo with their implementation, with their implementation of the features, their installation or their userbility, …

The installation and the configuration is part of the 3rd party addon/tool and not our part - the same is valid, if a 3rd party devs stop the Integration or continues it.

We can offer the second level support here but not the first, sorry …


PS: the description on the webpage is more generic … this is a summary, what is possible and implemented but it doesn’t contain details, which addons work with which sim in which version, because also here we use P3D as general synonym and not if it is useable for v1, v2, v3, v4 or v5 …