No compatible with VR

The App open in VR but I have this message on the app : “No compatible screen size”
I use a vive pro in steamVR in MSFS2020 and PMDG737NG
I also use OpenXR toolkit
Does it already work in VR ?

Hello and welcome to the forum! Thanks for showing interest in beta testing our panel.

The panel does support VR, but with the same requirements for size and dimensions as our other applications for web, desktop, and tablets.

In your case, just making the panel window bigger will likely get you going!

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yes if rezise it much bigger (too big for VR) it work. After I can reduce the dimension and it will finally work alos.
It would have been better to be able to have a working size immediatly.

To be honest, I am not sure why it did not start with a working size to begin with. This is the first report we get about this, and in all of our testing (pancake and VR), this has not been an issue.

We can only tell the simulator what dimensions we would like and hope that it honors our requirements, but in this case, it sounds like that did not work as intended. I guess we could try to increase it even more!

The window should not need to be “too big for VR” to work. If that is the case, something is off on your end. It should be possible to use it comfortably at tablet size an arm’s length away, is that not the case?

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I have to make it big to make it work and only after I can reduce the size (and it continues working)
So it is not very easy
Did someone notice more fps hit ?

Hmm, that sounds very peculiar - not something we’ve noticed ourselves so far! We’ll keep it in mind, if more people start reporting it then perhaps we can find some kind of pattern/reason!

A noticeable FPS hit is expected with the panel, and it should be slightly worse than the previous version due to the new features and increased complexity. This only applies while actually interacting with it though, or when the moving maps feature is enabled.

Unfortunately, there is not much we can do here. The performance hit is a result of how the panel works within the simulator itself, and there’s only so much we can do. We’ve already made lots of simplifications and optimizations and more are to come!

Please see other dedicated threads for more information and updates about this.

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I confirm lag today with the beta version
No lag with the old version.

I’m sorry but that is not what this thread is originally about. Please create a new one or, even better, see if there is an existing one that seems to fit your experience such as this one.

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