Unsupported screen size message in MSFS ...?

Was hat das zu bedeuten.

Ich bekomme die Meldung im MSFS
Unsupported screen size
This App is currently only supported on tablet and desktop decices.
Mobile phone support will be added in later release.

Ich habe den MSFS auf dem PC und nicht im Smartphone.

Was habe ich falsch gemacht?

in english please and for possible future postings, don´t hijack existing postings … try to re-size the window, use the edges of the window … it should work!


I had this issue earlier today as well, was ok yesterday, was using the newly updated PMDG 738, had to resize window to much too large for the sim in VR to get it to work, was ok yesterday, unsure of any logs etc, more than happy to provide if available and required.

Same issue here as scox72.

The panel is way too big in VR to be able to use it. If I reduce it in size to what I had with the old version it won’t work. I also found the old panel much easier to use and could set up my flight charts in seconds. Any chance of having an option to go back to the old panel?


We’re working on an update to make the app show also in smaller dimensions. It will be available soon.

Please give the new version a try. It is a bit different to the old version, and just needs a bit of learning, just like the old version also did.

Setting up a new flight should only take a few seconds in the new version too. If you have specific questions or feedback for us then please let us know so we can improve.



Hi Stephen,

Thanks for your reply and comments. I will get used to the new panel, I just have to re-learn the muscle memory to be able to use it quickly and efficiently. Good to hear there is improvements on the way in regards to the dimension size, as this will be a big improvement using it in VR.

Also if I may could I suggest making the click spot a little bigger, if possible, which is used to scroll the charts list at the bottom of the panel from left to right etc. once a flight plan is loaded. I remember on the old panel you could just click and hold on one of the chart boxes and move mouse left/right to move the whole list. On the new panel I have to try and find the sweet spot on the scroll bar itself right at the bottom of the panel, and hold the mouse button to move it. Finding just the right spot on the scroll bar is awkward in VR as it seems to have a small click spot area. Hope this makes sense!.

Keep up the good work.

Kind regards


Any word on this update? It’s terribly annoying and makes the app unusable for me.