NEWBIE HERE. I use PROSIM A322 FMS TRAINER and I don't know how to make the AIRAC cycle update

Hi. I’m new and I don’t intend to be an expert.

I just want to use PROSIM A322. It is quite bad, but it suits my needs, EXCEPT its AIRAC cycle is 2 years old. I just got the monthly subscription so I can get updated AIRAC.

Problem is I don’t know how. I downloaded it, but somehow it is not having an effect in my stupid PROSIM A322. I am using a PC. I purchased one recently for a number of reasons, one of them being this kind of programs don’t run in Mac. After many years using Mac I know why I changed from Windows… Anyway. What can I do?

My PROSIM TRAINER folder is in downloads. The PROSIM 2101 zip folder is there too, but when I run it, it installs stuff somewhere else. I cannot find an old airac file that I can replace with a new one. I don’t know what to do.




Using default settings, our installs AIRAC 2101 to

To integrate this data into the Prosim A322 Trainer, there is reference on P15 of the ProSimA320_user_manual, but I dont know if this applies to the Prosim A322 Trainer. I suggest you ask in their forum.