New User, seem to be having an issue with completing my account

Hello all,

I seem to be having an issue with completing my account after sub purchase.

I filled out the form, put in my Navagraph account username and password, my name my country, but it won’t let me progress.

It just keeps telling me "for complete profile it’s not allowed to change password via api"
I have no idea what this means, I have cleared the form and typed everything in several times, but the error won’t got away.

Is there another way to do this? OR what can I be doing wrong?

thanks, using MS Edge browser.

I already have an account, I wonder do I even need to worry about this?

Hi Rob,

This is a bug and will be addressed. Please see Problem with purchasing process

If you don’t proceed you still should have full access to your subscription? Please confirm.


Hello again Ian, thanks you for your interest, sorry for the delay I just got home from work.

I tried a different password, the same password, I tried changing my alias name, I tried a bit of everything and nothing worked, I just closed that window and my browser out and re-logged into my regular account and everything was there.

Not sure why I had issues with that (maybe my security?), BUT, I was able to log in through the Data Manager, and SimLink thing, and I got everything installed and working. Charts everything.

Once I got past this account/after purchase issue everything else’s went smooth as silk, it does show in my Data manager that my account has a monthly sub, and I bought a yearly one, but I’m sure that’s just a mistake.

The ONLY add-on I had issues with is PFPX as it only updates to Nav 1607, but I think it’s because my yearly sub on that one needs to be renewed as well.

Honestly, after that one account issue, this went very smooth, and REALLY fast. I really like this data manager.

So I would say problem is solved, and so far I am a happy customer.

thanks again.

Hi Rob,

You are welcome, glad it is working for you. I show you having Ultimate Yearly subscription.

Let us know if you need any help.

Happy flying.