New install no route in game app

New user here. Installed all the necessary apps and everything worked great. Due to size of msfs i decided to move everything to a 2tb hd (no where my op sys is). Got that all done and everything re-downloaded, but now my route i have on the desktop app is not showing up on the in game app. Shows my position, but not the route that I made like it did before i moved msfs to a different drive. Shows i’m logged in on the in game app.


This will be addressed in the update to In-Game panel which is in final testing prior to release.

Please see In game panel update - #102 by maxholt

"You will also be able to prepare a flight on any other Navigraph Charts 8 instance, and access the flight and its pinboard with pinned charts in the In-Game Panel. "


Did i just have to many beers the other night flying when i downloaded this, cause i could have sworn this worked.