New concourse VTBS missing

G’day all

I have just updated tp 2208 and notice the Airport chart for VTSB does not include the the new concourse? It is depicted in the A_A Scenery and shows in Google Earth (dated 2022). Is this an oversight or has it been deliberately left out until it is fully operational?

Cheers Steve (youngie63)

Hi Steve,
not sure, but I guess this terminal is still not operational … I have also looked directly in the AIP and here this concourse is also not visible on the airport diagram. Therefore I guess (and you see this on google maps also) this concourse is still under construction …

Here directly from the AIP Thailand:

Hope that helps - I´m pretty sure, that when this building is up and running you will see this also in the charts.


Thanks Richard, l suspected as much. I did note there was a WIP notice on the new concourse included under the Taxi listing.

Thanks for the quick response

Cheers Steve

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