Bangkok vtbs

I have the excellent payware vtbs by siamflight
They have a whole new terminal, which I guess is actually there, that is not on your airport chart.

Hi Richard,
not sure if you mean a chart-issue now or an MSFS issue because due your selected category.

But anyway, I have compared now our charts with the charts from the AIP Thailand and I can´t see any different, or at least new terminal (comparing to our charts):

Here from the AIP Thailand (AD 2-VTBS-2-1):

… and here the airport diagram from our charts:

Possible I misunderstood your report here, then sorry …


PS: I know, that some new terminal is under construction but what I see (at least from the AIP) it´s still not active

I thought the developer had jumped the gun but the photo is from google earth!

Hi Richard,
but honestly, this photo looks very strange and more a parking space for the aircrafts rather than a open terminal. Again, I know that this terminal is under construction but I haven´t found any information about that in the AIP, so I´m pretty sure, it´s still not open …

As soon as the AIP includes this new terminal with the taxiways, I´m 100% sure this will be shown on our maps too …


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