Never show "Departure Date in the past" warning

Could the “Departure Date in the past” prompt maybe have a “never show” checkbox or something? I usually create OFPs from my VA with IRL schedules/times and I always have to click that window. I’m fully aware of the time and date I set in the OFP so please give us the option to just not be notified if a OFP has a particularly set time in the past.

Hi, in the next update I will change it so that when loading SimBrief from a VA, the message isn’t shown unless the date is > 24 hours in the past (currently it shows when older than 2 hours).

In a later update, perhaps we will investigate a “never show” button.


Thanks, that sound great!
While on the subject of time on OFPs through VAs: since the big simbrief update, the minutes are not transferred anymore when coming from vAMSYS (just always shows :00). Is this something on their end or something you guys can fix?

This is technically an issue with their implementation, but I can “handle” it on SimBrief’s side I think.

Should be fixed now.

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Hi, version 2.15.0 has now been released which should prevent the “Departure Date in the past” prompt from showing unless the date is > 24 hours in the past.

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