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I took my PP EXAM at IVAO network last sunday i had a problem retaes to the NDB tunning and range. In the vecinity of Salamanca AirPort, examiner trole me to tune AL NDB and fly direct to it. I was 20 miles east of BBI VOR (established in R270 inbound), so in theory i had to have coberture from AL. But i hadn’t and had a no-go for that task. After that i resumed own navigation and a bit before E notify point the ADF began to recieve the signal.

Last night i flew a bit in Salamanca offline to test the issue. I found out that NDB sig al has 15 NM radius coberture with Navigraph AIRAC but 23,5 miles range without the dataset.

As far as im concerned, this is not s new topic (well new for me unfoetunatelly), but may i ask for any way to adress this issue?


please is it possible that you give us more details about the airport, the ndb and the VOR

  • What is the airport ICAO code for this airport?
  • I have 3 BBI VORs in the database? Which one do you mean here?
  • I have 6 AL NDBs in the database? Which one do you mean here?

It´s a little difficult to look for the correct navaids with only an ident - at least a frequency or a name could be helpful.

In general, NDBs have three power ranges
Ultrahigh >= 200 Watts
High 50 - 1999 Watts
Medium 25 - 50
Low less than 25

Depending on the power we set following ranges:
Ultrahigh = 75 NM
High = 50 NM
Medium = 25 NM
Low = 15 NM

That´s the default values we set but we have seen with the extended ILS range, that the MSFS ignores this and use a default range, independent what we have set. The same can be happen here … but give me the details to this navaids and I will look deeper into it …

Thank you

15nm is correct for Salamanca NDB AL according to the Eurocontrol eANP 7754 document

VOR: BBI 112.2
NDB: AL 359

Thanks for your reply

Thanks a lot for your reply. So default range is wrong, i supone. I had problems also with SAK VOR following R722 beteeen SAK and CSD NDBs but cant tell you te range of signaling. I thought it was a simulator issue before reading about range problems with the AIRAC. But, if this AIRAC dataset is correct, it means that i’ll have to deal with en route navaids with GPS.

Anyway thanks for having a look into the data.

thanks - yes the AL Matacan NDB (359) is a low NDB with less than 25 watts - means as @srcooke wrote, a range of 15 nm.

The BBI Salamanca VORDME (112.20) is a high alt VORDME, means 130nm

Thats what we have in our database and what we offer in our AIRACs for MSFS.


Range of SAK and CSB navaids is 25nm on each, in theory you may be able overlap the two at a distance of 40nm between but altitude will play a role.

Theoretically you are right but despite i can’t confirm right now distances and ranges, i weren’t able to do that leg without help of GPS.

Thanks for the fast reply. I’ll have that into account. So Stock data is not correct.

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