Navigraph won't link with the CJ4

I can’t link to navigraph with the CJ4. It stays on “linking navigraph” and doesn’t open a browser window to log in.
Anyone else seen this?




On the MOD SET page, check you have entered your SIMBRIEF PILOT ID. When you click on the Navigraph RSK5, you should be prompted via browser to login ?

If not check you are using latest CJ4-v0.12.13 and maybe set your default browser to Chrome as a test.


Hello Ian,

thanks for reaching out.

I have simbrief working with my pilot id.

I am on latest cj4 v0.12.13

Default browser is set to Chrome.

It just won’t open a browser window.

Very weird. Works fine with other planes.(although those work with QR code)

Will also post an issue on the Cj4 github page.

Problem was solved when I changed default browser from Chrome to Edge.
I don’t think it’s a Chrome specific problem. Just switching default browser did the trick.

Excellent, glad it is resolved

Happy flying


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