Navigraph / Simbrief using 4 approach charts for PADU that are not available

Navigraph, SkyVector, and the

FAA do not have available the following charts for PADU being used by Navigraph and Simbrief for flight plans. NDB DME rwy 13, Rnav rwy 13, NDB DME rwy 31, Rnav rwy 31. Is this due to the charts becoming obsolete and not being removed or are they being used as alternatives to the genuine charts?
SkyVector does place the waypoints listed for the approaches on the missing charts in the correct places.

This is most likely that these charts are tailored to a specific airline or require special regulator authorization, and in these cases we don’t get any charts from Jeppesen but the data might still be in the navdata.



Thanks for your quick reply. I am not an airline person but your reply now makes sense. I have travelled extensively around New Zealand as an airline passenger and since becoming a flight simmer have noticed that some of the flights I have taken in the past did not use the normal approaches as per the charts available. ( into NZPM especially )